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[ Freelancing skills ] Identify Your Skills

In this article, we are focusing and trying to learn about those Freelancing skills which are required for the freelance market place and as well as how to identify those skills which you have already learned.

Identify Your Skills in Freelancing

If you have set your goals and attain self-discipline. After that, it is necessary that as a freelancer which skill excites you. If you don’t know about your skillset then you will not know which service I offer as a freelancer. If you know about your skillset then you should check whether that skill has demand in the market or not.

Whether you are a master in a skill that does not have any demand in the market. For example, shoes making, cricket ball making, cricket bat making, Rug making, clothes designing, etc do not belong to the freelance marketplace. If you are an expert in the above fields then you cannot do freelancing with these skills and you should focus on those skills which are required in the freelance marketplace.

For freelancing, you have to learn other skills like which are related to the freelance marketplace and those skills in which you are interested and you
know that you can expertise these skills. As long as you are interested you should also check according to the market demand.

for example:

In the graphic design field, you can learn
website design, poster design, logo design.

Other high demanding skills in the freelance marketplace are:

Graphic Design
Content Writing
Web Development

You can also go to freelance market place and search for about each skillset,their demand in market and you can also check for
it’s related projects.

If you expertise in any of the above fields you can rank high as a freelancer and also you can make a good amount of money.
So it is always important for you to identify your skillset.

so you should identify your skills,work on those skill to polish your skill and make a good money.

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