Basics of web development and learning HTML

By | August 28, 2018

Basics of Web Development and learning HTML

About This Class

In this course (“Basics of web development and learning HTML”), I will teach you a basic HTML for the web development.  This course is specially designed for students who have no knowledge of web development and want to get started. Everything you learn in this course will help you in steering your knowledge and polish your skills that will help in starting a career as a web developer.

Most of the concepts I teach you in this project-based course can be applied in making tons of other websites, the key point is to learn the process.

Following things will be tough this course:

  • Basic terminology of web development
  • Basic HTML structure
  • Common HTML tag and attributes
  • Inserting images and link in a web page
  • Creating a various list (ordered, unordered and nested) using HTML
  • Creating Table
  • Creating Form


  • A computer with an internet connection

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