Basic commands of Termux

By | August 27, 2018

Basic Commands Of Termux



{Command : Function }

cd: used to change directory

cd / : change to root directory

cd..: change current directory to parent directory

cd-: move one directory back from where you are now

cp -r : used to copy any directory [including hidden files]

cp -f : force copy by removing the destination files if needed

mv -f : force move by overwriting destination files without prompt

mv -v : to move any directory


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mv [file1 name] [new file2 name] : To rename files file1 renames to file2

ls : list current folder contents

ls -l : list current folder contents

ls -a : list all files including hidden files

ls -lh : it shows the size of files in a human-readable format

ls -R : shows recursively list of sub-directories

cat [file] : to display file information

nano [file] : to display and edit files

chmod +x [file] : used to executable permission to a file

chmod +X * : to give executable permission to all files

touch [file name] : to create a file ,like file.txt

mkdir [name] : used to create folder / directory

wget : this command used to download any file from an online source like GitHub

git clone [github url]: used to clone any repository from GitHub

rm [file] : used to remove/Delete any file



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